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Jan 18, 2010

Reposting comments from a discussion about earphones on slashdot —

Re:Turn down the volume (Score:4, Interesting) by Khyber
No, your ear drums are not a nerve. They’re a tympanic membrane. Where you lose your hearing is from the loss and the degradation of the three inner ear bones caused by intense sound pressure that the tympanic membrane transmits, either as a result of standing next to loud speakers or having a set of earbuds crammed almost up against your ear drum.
This will also affect your balance, as the cilia in your cochlea break from this, and so do the tiny sodium/calcium deposits in your cochlea that act as balance weights.

Turn the volume UP (Score:5, Funny) by KingSkippus
“Turn down the volume.”
How does that help? If you have hearing loss, the obvious solution is to turn UP the volume, so you can hear the music better, of course.

Happy listening people… take care!

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