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  • Air Conditioner Buying Checklist

    (I feel most of what other articles list, like “measure your room size”, “window vs Split ac”, “check energy star rating” etc. is something that you would have decided already and the above list might be more useful as a final checklist.)

  • Signal App’s awkward copy-paste gesture

    The “Copy message” button in the Signal App on iPhone doesn’t show up when you long press the text (on the pop-up ribbon like other messaging apps). The copy icon is placed in the bottom Tab Bar. That seems like an awkward UX error for such a mature app! Or is it just me wondering…

  • MongoDb Quick Reference Sheet (Printable)

    I created a MongoDB pdf reference sheet. Here’s the link to the PDF (my only Medium post as of now, it’s got some ‘likes’) —

  • Quick Monitor Buying Guide

    Deciding the screen size You ought to consider the right physical size in inches with the screen resolution — deviating too much from the following chart would either make the screen too pixelated or you might find the default font size to be too small.

  • Essential Tips for WordPress Admins and Editors

    (This post supposes that you have a working WordPress site already and now want to improve the content and design for the site.) You’ll first need a login for your WordPress site. The login is most probably at Most articles on “Getting started with WordPress” begin with setting up WordPress on a server, or…

  • Designing the Apple Watch UI – a quick guide

    Designing the Apple Watch UI – a quick guide

    The Apple Watch is releasing in a month! Here’s a list of important things you need to know, if you’re interested in designing or developing an Apple Watch App: 1. Layout and Screen Sizes 38mm: 340 pixels x 272 pixels 42mm: 390 pixels x 312 pixels That’s an aspect ratio of 4:5.   2. Icon…

  • Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

    I was recently checking how the Hybrid App frameworks compare to Native iOS or Android Apps.  Here are my observations on few Phonegap Apps that I tried on my phone: The size of Phonegap Apps is big: an app that should have been less than 10MB has a 40-50MB installer. The Apps take longer to…

  • What’s inside Google Glass?

    What’s inside Google Glass?

    It’s impressive to see how much punch “Google Glass” packs in an elegant and light-weight construction. (Image: iFixit) I’ve long believed that the ability to create new materials is a good indicator of a country’s production and economic ability. Just look at what Britain, US and Germany did with materials during the industrial revolution and…

  • Visualizing data using graphs and charts

    With analytics becoming increasingly important for web products, reporting data using charts has seen a surge on the web. This has brought in the trend of infographics and new Javascript graphic libraries. Many people though get too occupied in visual design and overlook what charts actually fit their case best. What’s really bad is when infographics…