Essential Tips for WordPress Admins and Editors

(This post supposes that you have a working WordPress site already and now want to improve the content and design for the site.)

You’ll first need a login for your WordPress site. The login is most probably at

Most articles on “Getting started with WordPress” begin with setting up WordPress on a server, or talk about core WordPress concepts like creating themes, and get into the minute technical details. That’s alright, but there are plenty of such tutorials all over, what a new WordPress user often requires is how to handle the WordPress Admin Dashboard. So here’re some essential things that a non-technical WordPress Admin, who want to manage, beautify, or add new content to the website need (most of these articles are quick 2-3min reads, except the the Block Editor link):

1. Managing images, videos, pdfs and other files:

2. Understand what are Posts vs. Pages:
WordPress started as a blogging platform, so “Posts” get a prominent tab for themselves which you use for blogging/newsletter etc:
Static content like “About Us”, “Contact”, “Privacy Policy”, “Product Features”, “Specific Product” go into:

3. Learn how the WordPress Block Editor works:

4. Learn how to modify the Menu (Top links bar on the website):

5. See what are WordPress Widgets:




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