Redesigning Windows desktop theme with Rainmeter

One thing I miss about the Windows OS is the nifty selection of desktop applications developed by some amazing people over the years.

Macs were too closed and expensive when I started working with computers. While, Windows and Linux gave me an opportunity to dissect my PC and play around with installing different OSes. An invaluable excercise for software developers IMHO.

The thing I really dislike about Windows is the web development environment — I have to do all my web development work in Linux. And switching OSes is quite a drag. But Win 7 is pretty wonderful if you intend to use it for other purposes.

Anyway, here’re two screenshots of my desktop from 2010. I created these using a Desktop customization tool called Rainmeter. Not the most user-friendly configuration, but it was fun exploring how much the desktop theme can be bent to your liking.





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