Electric Emotions.

Sep 30, 2009

You never compromised. Why should anything be less than perfect.
The things you loved to do, you couldn’t. And still been there, done that.
Who was it that you actually cared for. Who got sidelined.
How many have you left behind — when they wanted you — and then the order reversed.
It’s been an amazing ride. You’re excited, you’re tired. You still want to gather yourself. Tread that one extra mile. Crack the Matrix.
Do you know me? I don’t know myself. My world’s spinning with electric emotions.

A very old blog post. Sounds childish now. I left it here for old times sake 🙂




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  1. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:

    "Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering.
    There is a crack in everything,
    That's how the light gets in…"
    So let the electric emotions spin & flow..

  2. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:


  3. nitinnain Avatar

    Okay I know about the first anon… Who's the second!?
    Drop me a line if you won't give the name here 😉 … Thanks anyways!

  4. meghnashekhar Avatar

    Love the tone. esp the last bit. Kind of walloping 🙂

  5. anonymous Avatar

    A_u_a_a writes:

    Its me.. whz name starts with an A & ends with an A…
    I think.. time to removew the Anonymous tag & come clean 😀
    Here it is.. 🙂

  6. anonymous Avatar

    RuchikSapra writes:

    very true … but as they say …life goes a full circle…it does hit u … and then u realise wat al ws lost while we were tryin to be "winners" "achievers" or jus being players in the ratrace

  7. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:

    How many have you left behind… when they wanted you… and then the order reversed….
    …..so very true boy,just came across ur profile here,was lukin for a friend with a similar name..:-)

    had to appreciate you for this..if these lines are yours..

    keep it up!!

  8. nitinnain Avatar

    Ahh..the Anonymous user! Wish I knew who you were! Thanks anyway 🙂
    btw, I don't find any other guy by my (full)name on the net. I just tend to find one or two profiles.. and they look untrue!

  9. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:

    hmmm…long tym..dunno what made me come back here again..
    ahem..thanks for the efforts though (for lookin for a person by ur name)
    even i cudn find him.

  10. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:

    Dear brother …where were you all these days…!!

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