Air Conditioner Buying Checklist

  1. If buying an Inverter AC, check the warranty on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB, the electronic that does climate control).
  2. Look for a chemical coating on the condenser and fins (prevents salts deposit, rust etc.)
  3. If it’s a split AC, vacuum the system to evacuate moisture and air (Connect the pump to the service port on the outdoor unit and get the Copper pipe vacuumed before switching on AC for the first time). The pump should run for several minutes (I read 30 mins somewhere). Check with the service person before they arrive that they are bringing the vacuum pump.
  4. The installation charge is around Rs 1,500 (The company usually gives 3 Mts Copper pipe and electric wire).
  5. Use a stabilizer with the AC (costs around Rs 2,000)

(I feel most of what other articles list, like “measure your room size”, “window vs Split ac”, “check energy star rating” etc. is something that you would have decided already and the above list might be more useful as a final checklist.)




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