Aero India 2011

Hot day, a huge crowd, and most people would have gotten back exhausted. The arrangements at AeroIndia could have been better. But props to those who attended. Open-air fields are rough. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger haha. Nevertheless, I did enjoy many things at the show — I had to. I can’t hate aviation.

So, without much ado Here’s a list of the main aircrafts that performed Aerobatics at the event: (my first viewing of this Indian Fighter Aircraft! I love to hate on HAL for their slow pace,. but this one’s aerobatic abilities pleasantly surprise me!) (US) (US) (Swedish, in the pic below.) (French, Dassault also makes Mirage 2000 which IAF already has) (Russian, demo’ed by IAF) (Developed by a consortium of 4 European countries. An Italian flew it at the show. One of the top aircraft on the show) (HAL’s Dhruv helicopter seems great too!) (flown by the Suryakiran team) (Red Bull team’s aircraft)
A jet trainer that I can’t recollect now — probably the BAE Hawk
(And there were IL76, Mi18, Chetak, C-130J, Avro, and others parked away.)

And this is from the top of my head! I identified almost all of them in Air, given the PA system was quite a hit-and-miss.)




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