Signal App UX irritation: “x just joined Signal”

I’m trying to convince friends and family to switch to Signal. Opened the Signal App after several months today and I was welcomed with 100+ unread “X just joined Signal” messages. And it irritated me right away! Not for some privacy concern but because looking at 100+ automated, unread messages is simply unpleasant. So many email apps base their whole business plan around the ‘zero inbox’ idea. Instead here I was on Signal, greeted with unnecessary messages. You don’t expect me to click each one to mark as read! Or go look for solutions to bulk-delete or mark-all-read right after I signup. The two friends that I had chatted with long back were embedded deep into the sea of these messages.

I go back and forth between whether first impressions are as important — but dare I say, for Web and Mobile Apps they are.

Signal ought to act confidently about its presence in the messaging Apps domain now and not act as a newbie in the market.

P.S.: There’s an option under settings to Switch Off the “Contact Joined Signal” notifications. This should be default off or completely removed from the App.)


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