Donate to Covid Relief (India)

Sometimes the scale of humanitarian issues is so overwhelming that you just want to check out of the news. There’re a lot of calls for donation and it’s difficult to know where will your donation be used effectively. Here are some of the organisations I trust are doing good work — donate to them if you can.

1. Mission Oxygen by Democracy People Foundation – A few resourceful entrepreneurs who managed to quickly set up a supply chain for importing Oxygen Concentrators. They have bought ~4000 concentrators till now.

3. Tedhi Lakeer (Instagram) – helping vulnerable people who lost jobs during this crisis

2. Hemkunt Foundation – provides mobile Oxygen Ventilators

4. Khalsa Aid International – Various medical programmes

P.S: Do not give to the “PM Cares” Fund or some organisations seeking funds on behalf of the government. They have a lot of money already which they don’t want to use even at this time.

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