“Language X for Y developer” tutorials are useless

The idea of the polyglot/full-stack developer is pushing all the web developers to continually learn new languages and you might come across a few tutorials on the lines of ‘Python for C++ programmers’ or ‘Go for Java developers’. I don’t think these tutorials are the best way to pick a new language. The premise of… Continue reading “Language X for Y developer” tutorials are useless

Startup Festival Bangalore

The Startup Festival held at Bangalore from 7-10 March 2013, was an interesting peek into a lot of the startup companies based at Bangalore. Here’s what I saw. The Good I wasn’t expecting to see such a big turnout! A shoutout to the organisers (Vlad, Shashidharan, and the volunteers) for the well-organised event. It was… Continue reading Startup Festival Bangalore